5 Hacks to a Healthier Halloween

No spooky hidden sugars here! Use these hacks to make you Halloween happier and healthier.

I love getting into the Halloween spirit with fun costumes and spooky decorations!

What I’m not a fan of is the mounds of high fructose corn syrup and artificial everything handed out to little ones who come knocking. (Not to mention the grown-ups sneaking into their kiddos’ stash after bedtime…)

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Don’t let the cute little bite-sized candy bars fool you! While there’s no denying that trick-or-treating is lots of fun, the inflammation and extra pounds from consuming too much sugar definitely are NOT.

The truth hurts, but here it is: more than one-third of American children and teens are obese, twice the amount who were overweight only 30 years ago.

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As a consequence, there’s now a soaring number of children with diseases that used to only affect older folks: type 2 diabetes, fatty liver disease, heart disease, and more.

Instead of dealing with sugar overload and the inevitable crash that comes with it, here’s 5 hacks to make your Halloween happier and healthier


Before your kids head out the door, be sure they get a healthy dinner with lean protein, loads of non-starchy veggies, and slow-low carbs like butternut squash or lentils. Extra points if you feed them apple slices with almond butter or part of a dark chocolate fiber barto satisfy their sweet tooth before they set out!

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2. Go dark
3. Pick non-food options

While other houses give out candy with ingredients that are truly scary, you can hand out funny noses, vampire teeth, streamers, mini toys, temporary tattoos, and stickers. Believe me: kids will appreciate these alternatives over another “Not So Jolly” Rancher!

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4. Freeze the enemy

Ever tried to inhale a candy bar when it’s frozen solid? If you don’t crack a tooth, brain freeze is sure to stop you! If a sweet treat is calling your name, put it in the freezer. You won’t be able to see or smell it, plus by the time it thaws out, you’re less likely to fall prey to impulsive eating.

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5. Three bites & done

Off to a Halloween party? You don’t have to offend your host by turning down a slice of their skillfully-designed Frankenstein cake. But it’s not necessary to eat the whole thing either—take three polite bites, then put the fork down. This rule also works great with your kids: three bites and walk away from the candy bucket!

When you follow these helpful tips, you can enjoy a Halloween that’s low in sugar and still loads of fun! 

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